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Other excellent breweries in Tijuana:  

On this 60 second video, we travel to Tijuana Mexico for a day trip.  We spent less than $20 per person for breakfast at the beach (Los Arcos 2 @ Playas De Tijuana), visited two breweries at the Plaza Del Zapato and had lunch at the famous Taco Nazo. 

Tijuana now caters to dozens of craft breweries at the fraction of the cost of its competitors in the United States.  At the "Plaza Del Zapato" on Paseo De Los Heros, there are countless number of open-air breweries and restaurants.  My favorites are Mamut, Border Psycho, and Insurgente Tap Room  The Plaza Del Zapato is a 5 minute taxi ride from the border for about $5. 



Breweries at the PLAZA DEL ZAPATO: